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Darul Ishayat Khanqah Mujibia
E-Book : Ayane Watan  
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  • ayeshanoor
    22-03-2018 07:50:11
    Board of Intermediate Education Karachi started working as separate entity in 1974 and it has the mandate to regulate, organize, develop and control intermediate education in the higher secondary schools and colleges located in Karachi city. BIEK Karachi has maintained its own schedule to conduct the FA/FSc exams in the colleges at their fixed dates. The government and private higher secondary schools and colleges are affiliated with Karachi Inter board for the inter class exams. Chief Minister Sindh is the controlling authority of Karachi Intermediate Board or he can nominate any person for this purpose.
  • ayeshanoor
    21-02-2018 04:32:17
    Photos of Cow / Bull on this page are not real. You have to choose on the basis of Age and Weight of the alive Cow / Bull. It is guaranteed that all the Cow / Bull animals will be applicable / valid for qurbani as per Islamic Laws and rules. We can send Cow / Bull to your address directly from our Animal Farm / location to your address or charity organization after payment confirmation.

    Animals with pictures are coming soon, so you can buy Bakra as per picture.
    You can either send us email directly to our email address which is or purchase Cow / Bull online.
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