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Author : Mudassir Iqbal
Title :
   Posting of Link on your Website to Promote Free URDU IT courses

Salaam Sir/Madam
You will be Glad after hearing that, we are running a website named as "URDUISM ACADEMY" in which we have more than 40 FREE COURSES, to help those who can't pay the thousands of fee. 
Our website is free of cost and we provide free VIDEO  training to students in URDU, we have different courses of computer like Programming, Graphics Designing, WORDPRESS COURSE, Marketing Courses,  SEO and much more.
I visited your website and feel that why not my website should be here on your website  ?? So me and you can work together to Promote our mother tongue, and to help our young generation to learn many more new things without paying a single rupee.
I am waiting to hear something positive from your side, me and my team will be thankful to you if you post my link on your website
Mudassir Iqbal Chaudhary
Urduism Academy


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