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Aalam Khursheed
--: Biography of Aalam Khursheed :--


Full Name

Md. Khursheed Aalam Khan

Father's Name

Late Abdur Rasheed Khan

Date of Birth


Birth Place

Ara, Bhojpur (Bihar)


 M.A. , Bachelor in Journalism


 Govt. Employee



1. Renowned Poet. Ghazals, Poems, Articles, Feature Writings, Criticism inregular publication in reputed magazines for the last 30 years.

2. Translated a number of short stories & poems from Hindi to Urdu and Urdu to Hindi.

3. Accredited regular Talker on Aakashwani/Doordarshan, Patna and occasionally on Foreign Service.

4. Participated in many seminars and poetic symposiums organised by renowned Organisations.



Some important


(1) Participated in international seminar on Post Modernism at 'India International' Delhi held 14th , 15th and 16th of March in Nov. 1997 organisedby Delhi Urdu Academy.

(2) Participated in National Seminar at Ravindra Bhawan, Delhi from 19th to 21st of Nov. 1999 titled 'Aazadi Ke Bad Urdu Shayri' organised by Sahitya Academy Delhi.

(3) Participated several times as guest poets in a poetic symposium at Aligarh Muslim University on the eve of Republic Day & Independenc Day celebrations organised by A.M.U.

(4) Participated as guest poet in "Abhivyakti" programme of Sahitya Akademy, Delhi at Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal held on 25th & 26th Aug. 2006.

(5) Participated as a judge in two episodes of ETV's famous programme named "Kal Aur Aayeng" in March 2005 at Bhubaneshwar, Orissa.

(6) Participated in a three day Seminar & Poetic Symposium as a poet at "Ghalib Insititue" Delhi held on 15th, 16th & 17th 2006 on the eve of "Ghalib Taqribat" organised by Ghalib Institute, Delhi.

(7) A capsule of 25 minutes regarding my biography & poems has been prepared for Mumbai Doordarsha.

(8) Participated as guest poet in several Mushairas of reputed organisation "Jashne Bahar", Delhi.

(9) Participating regularly Mushairas & Seminars of Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library Patna for the last 20 years.

(10) Participated in Mushairas of Indian Embassy at Jeddah & Riyadh in 2008.



1. Naye Mausam ki Talash (Poems & Ghazals) 1988

2. Zahre Gul ( Ghazals ) 1998

3. Khayalabad ( do ) 2003

4. Eik Darya Khwab men ( Ghazal in Hindi ) 2005

5. Parwez Shahidi Hayat aur Karname 2006

6. Kaare Ziyan ( Ghazals ) 2008

Awards &


(1) Bihar Urdu Academy Award for Naye Mausam Ki Talash 1989

(2) Josh Malihabadi Award for Zahre Gul 1999

(3) Wesh Bengal Urdu Academy Award for Zahre Gul 2000

(4) Bihar Urdu Academy Award for Zahre Gul 2005

(5) Bihar Urdu Academy Award for Khayalabad 2007

(6) Life Achievement Award of Bihar Urdu Academy 2007



Alam Khursheed 
304, Gulshan Vihar 
Alam Gang, 
Patna - 800 001.

Email id

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