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Akbar Geyavi
--: Biography of Akbar Geyavi :--

Akbar Geyavi


Akbar Geyavi  ( syed Muzaffar Hussain ) son of seyed Zahoor Hussain was born on 9th Jannuary 1930 at village Baaghi Cakway Warsaliganj of Nawada. His family lineage belongs to Khaja Abdullah Chishti of Chhota Sheikhpura in district Nawada of Bihar , India. 
He achieved his primary education at Narhat English School and higher secondary from Gayaa. After passing out from Patna University in 1950 , he migrated to Dhaka then East Pakistan.  He got his urdu poetry corrected by his father in law Hakim Syed Shah Mohammad Ilyas ( Yas Bihari ) of Biharsharif.
Till 1960 poet Muzaffar Hussain AKBAR Geyavi  practiced Urdu poetry under guidance of Maulana Tamanna Emadi in Dacca. By profession he was attatched to administration of Habib Bank Dacca .
He reularly attended  urdu MUSHAERAs in Dhaka  in the companionship of  Andaleeb Shadani, Afsar Mahpuri,  Prof. Iqbal Azeem,  Prof. Sanaullah Sana . till 1970.
After fall of Dacca he joined central office of Habib Bank Karachi and continued poetry and literary activities  in urdu literary circle of Karachi. He  travelled to Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabi and performed Hajj & Umrah 4 times and in last decade of his life most of his poetry was in form of NAAT in love of prophet Muhammad. His  style of  poetry  was  much impressed by  Iqbal Azeem.  He died at Karachi in April 1998.  Deevan –e- Akbar Geyavi  consists of 100 piece including Ghazal, Nazm, Qaseeda,  Hamd and Naats.
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