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Masood Ali Khan
--: Biography of Masood Ali Khan :--


Masood Ali Khan MA Ph.D(born 15 March 1947 in Hyderabad, India) is a scholar, histprian and a writer on Islamic history Culture and religion. Dr. M.A. Khan is currently working as acting Director, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Southern Regional Centre,Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. He extensively writes on social problems of Indian Muslims, Indian Diaspora, Sociology of Migration and Urdu press and journalism.
Dr. M A Khan wrote books and articles in Research Journals of national and international repute. He supervised and reviewed half a dozen books and contributed about 100 articles in Urdu on social problems of Indian Muslims. To present his research papers in international conferences he visited USA, UK, Canada, France, Turkey and Malaysia. He served as consultant to research projects commissioned by ICSSR and ICHR.  Some of his notable solo and contributed books include.
Encyclopedia of world geography.
§  Cultural Sociology of India.
§  Encyclopaedia of Islam
§  Encyclopaedia of Sufism (12 Vols-Set)
§  International encyclopaedia of librarianship.
§  The expansion of Islam
§  The Islamic Fundamentalism.
§  Minorities in India.
§  The Quranic studies.
§  Mystics and mysticism in Islam.
§  Islam in modern India.
§  Social work and social policy (concepts and methods).
§  Religious doctrine of Islam.
§  Islam in the Arabic world.
§  Islam (birth and origin).
§  Islam (rise and growth).
§  Life and times of Prophet Muhammad.
§  Women in Islam.
§  Islamic laws.
§  Islam in the modern world.
§  Traditions in Islam.
§  History and sociology in India.
§  The methods of social research.
§  Women and human rights.
§  Perspectives on Indo-Pak relations.
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