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Muniruddin Ahmed
--: Biography of Muniruddin Ahmed :--


Muniruddin Ahmed (born 1934 in Rawalpindi) is a Pakistani writer. He is a specialist in the history and politics of the Muslim world with emphasis on the South Asia. He studied Arabic and Political Science at the University of Panjab (Lahore) and the University of Hamburg (Germany). He was associated with Deutsches Orient-Institut, Hamburg, as research scholar and taught at the University of Hamburg.

He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Urdu Literature in Diaspora. His work encompasses five volumes of short stories and seven books of translations from German Literature into Urdu and one volume from the literature of different Pakistani languages into German. His autobiography Dahlte Saayee has been serialized in the literary journal Savera, Lahore and was published in book form in October 2006. His correspondence with Sayyid Ahmad Sa'id Hamdani was published from Delhi in 1999. Lately another book of his correspondence with Agha Babur is due to appear in Pakistan.

He publishes in German, English and Urdu. He writes his name as "Munir D. Ahmed" and "Munir-ud-Din Ahmed" for publications in European languages.

Literary works

. Muslim education and the scholars' social status up to the 5th century Muslim era (11th century Christian era) in the light of Ta'rikh Baghdad. Zürich 1968. (Translations have been published in Arabic and Persian).

Urdu short stories

1. Zard sitaara Lahore 1988. Hamburg 1991. 
2. Shajar-i mamnu'a - Lahore 1991. 
3. Bint haraam - - Delhi 1999. 
4. Bichri hui koonj - Delhi 2001 - Lahore 2002. 
5. La faani ishq - - Hamburg 2005.



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