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Perwez Bilgrami
--: Biography of Perwez Bilgrami :--


Pervez Bilgrami is a well-known Pakistani Urdu writer. Born in year 1962 at Dhacca(East Pakistan), Pervez father Janab Mazher Ali migrate to East Pakistan in year 1946 from Bhagalpur (Bihar), India. In year 1971 when Bangla Desh formed his father preferred to go Pakistan with his family members including Pervez,then Pervez was only 9 years old, in the year of 16 Pervez starting his writing in children page of Jang Urdu daily.

He wrote over 5000 Urdu fictions, 25 novels. He was the editor of Monthly digest Mahana Sachhi Kahaniyaan (Monthly True Stories) for about 20 years, now he is editor of Monthly digest Sarguzisht. Pervez also a good poet, His poetic and interst in Urdu writing comes on him by his family, his father and more his uncle Late Shafaq Bhagalpuri is one of the most popular poet of his era, Pervez grand father Janab Mazher Ali Jauhar Bilgrami was also a good poet of his time.

Famous novels

His novels Dosra Janam, Ghazi, Tareekh-e-Khandhar, Mataa-e-Dil-o-Jaan, Masiha, Shaheen Sifat etc are the best seller novel. He is only Urdu writer who wrote episodic story on web site.

The List of his work in Urdu Adab is as follows :

Ex-Editor Sachchi Kahaniya’n ( Dosheeza Group of Publication) : 1990 – 2008.

Editor Jasoosi Group of Publication, Karachi Pakistan : 2008 – continue.

Ghazi : Thrill Novel.

Tareek Khandher : Horror Novel.

Doosra Janam : Thrill Novel.

Firaar : Thrill Novel.

Mata-e-Dil-o-Jaan : Thrill Novel.

Dast-e-Aalam Mei’n : Thrill Novel.

Aatish-e-Junoo : Romance Novel.

Aami k : Horror Novel.

Mi Aied : Horror Novel.

Nadida Mahboob : Horror Novel.

Manzile’n Gardish Mei’n : Thrill Novel.

Masiha : Horror Romance Novel

Mashahir-e-Daura’n Part 1 (Biography of Urdu Poets in story style)

Mashahir-e-Daura’n Part 2

Mashahir-e-Daura’n Part 3

Dastaan-e-Aulia Part 1 ( Biographpy of Sufi Sant )

Dastaan-e-Aulia Part 2

Maujza kio’n kab kaise ( Islamic )


He awarded by Interior Minister of Pakistan General Moinuddin Haider in 2003 at Karachi as a Best writer . He also 

gain Doshiza writer award 

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