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Raees Warsi
--: Biography of Raees Warsi :--


Raees Warsi   is an Urdu poet, writer and lyricist from Pakistan. He has blended contemporary issues into classic rhyme. Where Urdu poetrywas confined to the issues of love, romance and its tragedies till the early 20th century, Warsi and some other notable contemporary poetry have expanded Urdu poetry to the demands of modern realism while still maintaining the classic rhyme. He currently resides in the United States.
Warsi was born on March 1, 1963 in Karachi, Pakistan. He came from a renowned family of poets and literary figures. His father, Sattar Warsi, is a household name in theological poetry, in the genre of Naat. Both his brothers, Saeed Warsi and Rasheed Warsi, are Urdu poets and journalists. After his early childhood education in Karachi, Warsi successfully completed his Masters in Mass Communication from the University of Karachi in 1987. After earning accolades in Pakistan, he migrated to the United States, where he lives with his wife Tabassum Pervaiz.
Warsi started composing poetry at an early age. Warsi gained national attention courtesy his popular Ghazal recited in a national poetry session in Karachi in 1981. Warsi became a regular contributor to Mushaira (traditional poetry gatherings). In published works, his first real breakthrough came when one of his poems was published in the literary magazine Afkaar in Karachi (September 1986). He then became a regular contributor to newspapers and literary magazines, including the most widely circulated Urdu-language newspaper, the Daily Jang  Other newspapers and magazines which were adorned with his poetry and prose were the Daily Hurriyat, Daily Mashriq, Daily Nawa-i-Waqt, the weekly Akhbar e Jahan, weekly Akhbar e Khawateen, the monthly Wirsa, monthly Idraak and numerous others. He was interviewed both in Pakistani and Indian newspapers and magazines as well as on radio and television for his literary contributions. He was listed as a prominent poet in the Directory of Pakistani Writers Published by the, Pakistan Academy of Letters (1991-1992 Edition), A-8 Pitrus Bukhari Road, Islamabad 44000. In 1989, Warsi moved to the United States.
He channelled his literary energy in establishing the Urdu Markaz New York (Urdu Language Center) in 1989. Under its auspices, biweekly sessions of reciting poetry and prose, lecture series and critical sessions were organized. In New York as well, Warsi has been a regular contributor of poetry   .  List_of_Pakistani_writers, published in Urdu language news papers. Warsi has been the president of the society since its inception. The high point of the Urdu Language Center was organizing the First International Urdu Conference, was held at the UNO's headquarters, on June 24, 2000, under the auspices of the United Nations. This conference was attended by many living Urdu luminaries: poets, novelists, humorists and critics from across the globe. The conference was lauded by the UN Secretary General, the Vice President of the United States and the Presidents of Pakistan and India. The Asia Society of New York printed his Urdu poetry with English translation, along with an introductory paragraph on his poetry and life, in its February 2003, June 2009 and April 2011 brochures.   [Voice of America  the US government's official external radio and television broadcasting service) interviewed him, and made a special documentary titled Future of Urdu Language in the United States of America, on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of his book (the first collection of his poetry), in Virginia, May 2006.
 . He named it Aaina Hoon Main (I Am the Mirror). The book has introductory remarks from Gopi Chand Narang (President Sahitya Akademi / National Academy of Letters India, 2003–2007) Farman Fatehpuri (Former President of the Urdu Dictionary Board), Iftikhar Arif (President Muqtadra Quami Zaban / Former President Pakistan Academy of Letters), Ahmed Faraz (Former President National Book Foundation of Pakistan), Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi ( Editor FunoonMagazine & Active member of Progressive Writers Movement ), Zameer Jaffary and Jameel Jalibi ( Former Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi), Dr. Saeed Warsi and Humaira Rahman.
Warsi is currently working on his second poetry collection. In the meantime, he continues to promote Urdu poetry and prose.
Raees Warsi participated in several radio programs on Radio Pakistan ( Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation ) Karachi station from 1979–1984, produced by senior producers Zameer Ali and Shehnaz Saleem. His lyrics was telecasted on PTV ( Pakistan Television Corporation / State-run broadcaster ) on different occasions.
Golden Jubilee Award for literary services, Eastern Communication Network, Washington DC, April 1997
Literary Services Award, Karachi University Alumni of USA, June 1998
Community Services Award, Pak Asia Magazine, New York, July 1999
Urdu Services Appreciation Award, Weekly Awam May 2000
Literary and Community Services Award, Pakistan Television, New York, June 2000
Community Services Award, Weekly Pakistan News, New York, August 2002
Best Book of the year 2005/Award, From Funrama Entertainment Inc, Dallas, July 2006
Services for Urdu language Award, Zafar Zaidi Society, New York, November 2008
 Source :Wikipedia
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