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Rafathullah Rafath
--: Biography of Rafathullah Rafath :--

 Rafathullah Rafath 


Mr. Khateeb Rafathullah from Ambur, Tamil Nadu is the one of the best poet in south India, and also a celebrity in north India. His poems, ghazals, marsia, rubai all are very salutation in public in the Mushairah, and a number of magazines like ,aiwan e urdu (urdu academy,delhi) Peshrafth, beeswin sadi, pakiza aanchal, mashriqi  aanchal,khatoon mashrique, raah e eidithal, paasban, ,in Pakistan the  rooh e rawan, aaj sham,and etc. He is from traditional family of Aadil shah of Bijapur sultan, and forefathers are spread in the south India as Islamic preachers. His fore father  “safdar hussain safdar “ royal poet in the kingdom of  NUZAMUL- MULK ,HYDERABAD, his paternal uncle janab Khateeb Mohammed aazam,MAQBOOL (his edition “mushai dath e maqbool “. RAFATH attended a number of mushairas in Native and north India Lucknow,Amritser,Aligadh, Ahmedabad, Faizabad,Kanpur,Delhi,Pune,Basti,Balrampur,Bombay Hyderabad,Chennai, oomerabad etc. in 80s with leading celebrities like, MAJROOH SULTANPURI, HASRATH JAIPURI, QUMAR BARABANKAVI, SHARAYAR ,ALI SARDAR JAFERRY,KAIF BHOPALI,QAMAR JALALABDI ,ETC (REFERENCE FROM HIS WIKI).. His skill is mostly from his qualification of psychologist, and Visits of universal  like USA,UAE,ENGLAND,GERMAN,FRANCE,DENMARK,SWEDDEN,NORWAY,HONGKONG,SAUDI ARAB, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA MAXICO SWIZERLAND etc. He attended  majlis in California, Denmark, Norway ,SWEDEN,and  Dubai. Also in Door Darshan T.V. programs,

We are eagerly expecting his deewan in the name of   “RAFATH KI PARWAZ” very soon. And a lot of wishes to him that his to be nominating for URDU ACADAMY, DELHI very soon. Janab Manazar Ashique Harganvi  said that Rafath can write about his “safarnama of world” will be appreciateable. His wiki pedia :

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