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Raja Muzaffar Ali
--: Biography of Raja Muzaffar Ali :--


Raja Muzaffar Ali (born 21 October 1944, Lucknow) is an Indian film-maker , a fashion designer, a poet, an artist, a music-lover, a revivalist, and a social worker.He belongs to a Royal Muslim Rajput family of Kotwara. He is not to be confused with the famous 16th century Persian artist of the Persian miniature.
Muzaffar Ali was born in Lucknow. He attended the La Martiniere college  there. His father was the Raja of Kotwara and his mother was from the noble family of Sheikhupur, Badaun. Muzaffar Ali had a successful career as a film maker.  His Vinod Khanna-Dimple Kapadia starrer Zooni is still unreleased.
He is married to Meera.  He was earlier married to Subhashini Ali and the two divorced later. His son movie director Shaad Ali was born out of this marriage.
§  Padma Shri - 2005
§  Khizan (1995)
§  Aaya Basant Sakhi (1986)
§  Anjuman (1986) (also producer)
§  Kali Mohini (1986)
§  Semal Ki Darakht (1986)
§  Ganga Teri Shakti Apaar (1985)
§  India, an Unusual Environment for Meetings (1985)
§  Sheeshon Ka Masiha (1985)
§  Kue Yaar Mein (1984)
§  Together Forever (1984)
§  Vadakath: A Thervad in Kerala (1984)
§  Sunhare Sapne (1983)
§  Wah! Maan Gaye Ustad (1983)
§  Aagman (1982)
§  Laila Majnu Ki Nai Nautanki (1982)
§  Venue India (1982)
§  Woodcrafts of Saharanpur (1982)
§  Umrao Jaan (1981) (also producer)
§  Vasiqedars, the Pensioners of Avadh (1981)
§  Gaman (1978) (also producer)
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