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Rajesh Reddy
--: Biography of Rajesh Reddy :--


Rajesh Reddy has a poet and has brought out his collection by the title "Falak Bhar Udaan". Monthly Shair has published an exclusive coverage on him in its September 2010 issue. He was born on July 22, 1952 at Nagpur and brought up in Rajashtan. He started his career as a Hindi journalist and then joined All-India Radio. At present, he is the station director of AIR Mumbai. Rajesh Reddy is also a music director.

Best couplets

Jitni batna thi, bat chuki ye zameen 
ab to bas aasmaan baqi hai 

Na jis kaa roop naa akaar koi 
hamein to bas usi ko dhhondhna thaa


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