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Rana Akbarabadi
--: Biography of Rana Akbarabadi :--


Rana Akbarabadi real name is Sohail rana born in year 1938 in India , migrated to Karachi, Pakistan. Soon after partition, young Sohail, who was in his ninth year at that time,
resumed his education and subsequently passed his intermediate examination.
He demonstrated an unusual aptitude for music as a teenager. He learned music from various experts and
Familiarized him with numerous musical instruments, which added to his experience.
During his primary education days, he received education in late A.M. Qureshi's Mary Colaso School, Karachi, where Sohail Rana and Waheed Murad were class fellows.
Thus started a durable friendship between them, which lasted up until Veedu's death in 1983.Although waheed Murad's first film as a producer �Insaan badalta hai', (Director: Munawwar Rasheed, music:
Zafar Khursheed) was a success; still the music could not come up to the expectations.
Hence, for his second production, �Jab say dekha hai tumhain', Waheed made two changes: He selected Zeba
Instead of Shamim Ara as the lead lady and handed over the delicate task of music to promising Sohail Rana,
Instead of Zafar Khursheed.
Relatively speaking, �Jab say dekha hai tumhain' was far more successful for its melodious songs than �Insaan
Badalta hai.'
 Sohail Rana   is a Pakistani composer for films. He was introduced by actor Waheed Murad in Pakistan film industry and gained popularity when singer Ahmed Rushdi sang his compositions in such films like Arman and Doraha.He is now based in Canada.
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