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Sartaj Anjum
--: Biography of Sartaj Anjum :--

Sartaj Anjum


I am sartaj anjum from ahmadgunj sanha.Sanha is a very beautyfull village which is situated at aut scart of begusarai.

i write ghazal.A beautyfull story hi hidden beside of my writing.I am very nature oriented scince childehood.BEcaous of this,i attracted by natural beuty.After some time this attraction turn me in a poet.

i write ghazal.This is a beautifull way to express your self,to express your fealing and to express youd ability.urdu is a vary sweet language.wy ghazal is in urdu language.

in indi one thin gis very famous that no knowledge com to you mithout GURU. So i hava a guru in ghazal and poetry writing.That is GHALIB AYAZ.Ghalib ayaz is also a ghazal writer and his ghazal be publish in various urdu magzine and general.

if you see some correction in my ghazal then inform me on my e mail id  

i need your feed back

So read may ghazal and injoy


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