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Siraj Dehlvi
--: Biography of Siraj Dehlvi :--

Siraj Dehlvi


Shri O.P. Agarwal, a multilingual poet, also known as “Siraj Dehlvi”, as his friends and poetic fraternity address him, fills the rough sketches of his ideas with the emotions based on social entanglement. He has written around 2500 English poems, 100 Hindi bhajans, 10000 seir (qata) in Urdu, 3000 ghazals, 3000 dohe, 1000 rubaiyan, 1500 mahiye, 1500 haiko, 500 Kah Mukarniya and other 200 nazms in Urdu in the 40 years of his poetic career. He is also a keen businessman who has managed to stretch his boundary beyond India, finding a global place for himself and maintain a sound equilibrium between his hectic workaday and emotional poetic schedule.

Early Life

Originally from Haryana, Shri O.P. Agarwal’s father, Late Gopiram Agarwal stayed in Orissa and studied from G.M. College, Sambhalpur. Later he migrated to Kolkata and pursued his Masters in English and Economics. He settled down thereby with his family and flourished his business in every possible way. Shri Om Prakash Agarwal was born in this family, on the 1st of June, 1943. Though he was born in an affluent business-class, yet he never overwhelmed himself with the pomp and loud high-society culture. He went to Hindi High School, Kolkata. Henceforth, he pursued his graduation in commerce from St.Xavier’s Kolkata initially, and later on received an LLB degree from Kolkata University. Despite being a student of Law and Commerce, he had a keen interest in language and literature. He has learnt 17 global languages which include Japanese, Polish, and several other European languages.

Since his childhood, he was smitten with the influences due to the changes in his surroundings, swinging between the latitude and longitude of humanity. In this medley of life, tuning between the harsh and pleasure moments, he found his soul-mate, Ms. Shakuntala Agarwal to intensify his thoughts. Her dedication and earnestness towards her family helped Shri Agarwal and his children to come up in life with flying colours. They have two daughters and one son: Radha, Sangita and Manish Kant, who have carved niche for themselves.

Philosophy and Mythos

Siraj doesn’t view life through worldly lens, and his poems explain the commencement of a personal relationship with God. He tries to bond spirituality with human mind, and always tries to convey the message that the core values of life is more important than the materialistic one, i.e., Divinity is the basis of life no matter it’s achieved through meditation or sufferings and experiences in life. His poetic structure is heavily influenced by extensive reading and the amalgam of experiences in his life.

Prose and Poetry

The wisdom, aesthetic beauty and picturesque moments of life have been captured in all of his poems. He has united phrases formed from the syllables, words, etc., dispersed in his feelings, moments and expressions from the harsh realities of life and knit them into ornaments of compassion to enlighten the world for times to come. He never compromises with his belief that poetry should aim at a representation of the complexities of modern civilization. He swings between satire and prophecy to reflect his philosophical despair.

What you do
And what you don’t,
Does not alter
My love for you.
It never has, it never will.
And like the river
Meets the mouth
Of a Turquoise sea,

He also depicts the union of symbolist indirection and meditative gravity to spell-bound the reader. He has a distinct vision on the relationship between the living and patterns of rituals that extend into the modern world and remain unaltered from the past. He thinks when these rituals are disrupted, new relationships develop which may be contemporary in nature, but which may not have any name; and the poet struggles to describe these in the transition of time.

If only Thou let me
Lord! Forgive me
I cannot see
As Thee see it
With Thy vision

Siraj has spent a long time undergoing emotional conflicts and fishing out information from deep inside the sea. His quotations and arguments make the readers sit back and think about the fragile relationship between the divine and human beings. His poems follow life in an unsystematic order, but the sections in certain areas cover it over a whole range of time; looking forward and backward.

Arm yourself with
which are so
So that people will
Them into

In his journey, countless people have sublimed his impressions. His poetry is full of nostalgic moments and wisdom of life. Siraj says, “Life is an inimitable gift from the Almighty! It teaches us many things. We gain wisdom through knowledge that we receive in many ways.” It is the best to share this with others because our realization will help mankind lay the foundation for a better future and with it, grow to be better human beings.“In my beginning is my end. In my end is my beginning…………….”

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