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Zahra Nigaah
--: Biography of Zahra Nigaah :--


Zahra Nigah is a prominent poet, one of the first two women poets to have achieved prominence in the 1950s in a predominantly male realm at that time. Besides her writing, she also became known for her spellbinding rendition in mushairas. She has published two books of verse titled Shaam ka Pehla Tara and Waraq. She has also been awarded the Pride of Performance for her contribution to literature.
Zahra Nigah writes both the ghazal and the nazm with the same involvement. The spontaneous use of everyday phrases and the colloquial idiom complement her direct and narrative style of writing, giving it a popular appeal that becomes even more pronounced in oral rendition. She has dealt with personal, social and gender themes very effectively in this manner.
The poems selected for translation are from collection Waraq, published by Asateer, Lahore in 1998.
Zahra Nigah (also spelled as Zehra Nigah) PP, is one of the foremost female Urdu poets from Pakistan. She has been awarded various awards at home and abroad in recognition of her works. She is the sister of Fatima Suraiya Bajia, Anwar Maqsood and Zubaida Tariq (cooking expert).

1. Shaam Ka Pehla Tara 
2. Waraq



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