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* After thousands of years I saw her again *

My ramblings 


After thousands of years

I saw her again

The same beautiful face,

the same beautiful piercing eyes,

the same pointed nose,

the same bright white teeth.

The same curly black hair.

Nothing had changed in her

I opened my arms for her

She stood still

Without any movement or reaction

Isn't she happy to see me?

She was not like that

When we separated thousands of years ago

on the bank of river Nile

She embraced me and said me goodbye

She promised to wait for me for eternity

I promised to return to her

Then we both separated

She did not see my tears

I did not see hers

Now, after wandering for thousands of years

in this expansive universe

We have run into each other

She is standing still, motionless,

Her stillness broke my heart

I moved forward and touched her

She had turned into a statue

A statue with tears in her eyes.


March 2, 2018

Berkeley, CA



  • ayeshanoor
    24-05-2018 09:11:24
    awesome nice ghazal
  • Farooq
    03-03-2018 11:17:14
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