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Abbas Hussaini
--: Biography of Abbas Hussaini :--

Abbas Hussaini founded Nakhat Publications in 1948 under which Ibne Safi started writing detectivefiction. With the advice of Ibne Safi, Abbas Hussaini made arrangements for publishing monthly detectivenovels. The name of the series was Jasoosi Duniya, and it was the first time Asrar Ahmad started writing with the famous pen name of Ibne Safi. Containing his original characters, Inspector Faridi and Sergeant Hameed, the first novel Dilaer Mujrim (The Brave Criminal) was published in March 1952. Later, Ibne Safi started separate novel of another character Imran. Nakhat magazine later branched out into three series: Tilismi Duniya (realm of sorcery,) Jasoosi Duniya (realm of detection) and Roomani Duniya (realm of romance.) Hussaini was not a writer himself but can be credited with bringing out such magazines which weaned Urdu readers from pornographic literature.

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