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Abdul Wahab Sukhan
--: Biography of Abdul Wahab Sukhan :--

 Abdul Wahab Sukhan 

Abdul Wahab Sukhan is a burgeoning poet of English and Urdu with a distinctive flair of language and

style. Sukhan graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, and obtained his Master degree in

English from MJP Rohilkhand University. Currently, He is serving as Lecturer in Department of English

at Al-Jouf University, KSA.

Sukhan’s love for creation is immense and inherent. His poem ‘Green Hands” earned him international

fame and appreciation. He opines, “I personally, believe that poetry abridges the space between nature

and human soul. Poets are gifted, and bear an exclusive power of imagination which common people

are deprived of. In fact, Poetry is essence of life with blessed attribute of charming words that sprout

from the heart and soul of a poet". 

Abdul Wahab Sukhan hails from a decent family of Rampur UP, the city is known for its peculiar

literary flair and traditional grandeur. A.W. Sukhan grew up in exuberance of culturally-charged

atmosphere of Rampur where he began to compose poetry right from his childhood. He possesses a

remarkable sense of creativity in English as well as in Urdu.

Many literary journals and magazines of repute have published his poems and critiques on different

poets. Sukhan was nominated as 'Poet Of the Year 2005' by International Society of Poets, USA. Many

of his poems have been selected to get published in reputed poetry manuscripts of United States. In

addition, Honorable President of India, Dr. A PJ KALAM also appreciated him for his poem ' Prayers

Never Go In vain' and communicated his feelings and appreciation through a graceful letter. Several

poetry websites have published his English poems.

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