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Adeem Hashmi
--: Biography of Adeem Hashmi :--


Adeem had a very sudden rise in the poetic circles and created strong impressions on the Ghazal arena. Adeem had a very strong list of contemporaries like Shakeb Jalali, Nasir Kazmi and Ahmed Faraz who had already set the stage for poetry to be recognized and admired amongst the mass. Adeem came at a time where the fellowship of an already set poetic dialect of the meter was set as a convention. He instead at an early age started his own and experimented successfully. Adeem’s fans for this reason were fewer but were strong followers of his works. 
Adeem tried hard to make his place, however his flair and inspirations didn’t swallow any of the poetry of the 80’s and hence couldn’t get that acceptance he emotionally longed for. Pakistani poetic societies had become too political and the great poets were chasing careers instead of any poetic objective. Adeem due to this friction of views had a very controversial decade and his friction with the poets of that time became more of a reason of his fame than his works of poetry. Names like Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi and Amjad Islam Amjad, Ata Ul Haq Qasmi were to and fro found writing against Adeem and vice versa. Adeem hashmi’s experiments like “Muqalima” and “Chehra Tumhara Yaad Rehta Hai’ set the tone for a totally new style of poetry. And critics started writing about Adeem’s original Ghazal’s strength in comparison to his new experiments. Adeem is also known to have been inspired by Shakaib Jalali and wrote for and about his poetry a lot. Ahmed Faraz and nasir Kazmi were other names who stayed close quarters with Adeem’s works during their times. 
Adeem Fasihuddin Hashmi   was a famous Urdu poet, arguably the finest ever works of Urdu ghazal are attributed to his name. He was born in Faislabad, Pakistan in 1946 but lived most of his life between Pakistan, and America where he died. He started his journey of writing in Lahore, Pakistan. Arguably the finest poet of his time Adeem was the most controversial writer in Urdu poetry in the 70's and 90's. He rose to instant fame in the community with his poems 'Kat hi Gaye Judaie bhi' and ‘Faasle Aise Bhi Honge’ in the late 60's. This came at a time when the poetic tone was set high and strong in the country. 
His books include ‘Tarkash’1992, ‘Muqalima’1995, ‘Chehra Tumhara yaad rehta hai’1996, ‘faasle aisay bhi honge’2000, ‘Diana-The princess of Love’2000, ‘Bohat nazdeek aate Jaa Rahe ho’2001.
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