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Ahmad Hammad
--: Biography of Ahmad Hammad :--

 Ahmad Hammad 

Ahmad Hammad; a Poet, currently working with PTV (Pakistan Television) as anchor; currently doing M. Phil in Mass Comm. Work as Writer, Blogging Trainer, eJournalism and ICTs Lecturer, Radio/TV Production Coach, RJ, PUTV executive producer, TV anchor and Film Critic,write on National Affairs, Literature, Philosophy, Art, Film, Sports; and am the founding Editor of Jahangir\'s World Times. In addition to being a student of Literature, eJournalism and Traditional Media, worked as J2EE Software Engineer and have done M. Sc. Information Technology along with Specializing in Java (SCJP)... A few of  upcoming projects are: - A TV Show for -  3rd Poetry Book - 1st Book on Philosophy (Urdu) - 1st Book on the politics of the PML-N (English) -  1st Book on Literary Essays (which I\'d been reading out to the Halqa e Arbab e Zouq audience/critics during last 10 years).

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