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Ahmad Kamal Parwazi
--: Biography of Ahmad Kamal Parwazi :--

 Ahmad Kamal Parwazi 

Ahmad Kamal Parwazi is an indian urdu poet born in 11 march 1944,he wrote

some splendid poems in urdu,he was a well known poet of urdu his last poem in

urdu was ,hum to apna kaam kerte hi chale jayenge mehfil se fir iske baad urdu

ki hifazat tumko kerna he, after few months he died in 29 december 2007,but his

words are between us and will live with us .

Ahmad Kamal Parwazi is the lagend poet of ujjain ,his way of writing and

imagination was always different from other urdu poet ,this page is a little salute

for his great poems which he has lived in his life,

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