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Aijaz Siddiqi
--: Biography of Aijaz Siddiqi :--


Aijaz   Siddiqi   (1911–1978) was a renowned Urdu writer and poet. He was the son of the famous Urdu poet, Seemab Akbarabadi. He was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. After having founded Qasr-ul-Adab in 1923, Seemab Akbarabadi had in the year 1930 started publication of a literary journal in Urdu fromAgra titled Shair; he was its first editor. A few years later i.e. in 1935, in order to concentrate on the other than more important activities of Qasr-ul- Adab, he had handed over the charge of this magazine to Aijaz Siddiqi who carrying forward the tradition of his father remained its editor till 1978 long after the publication ofShair was shifted from Agra to Mumbai in 1947   and Seemab Akbarabadi had in 1951 died in Karachi. Mahendra Nath, the Urdu short-story writer and younger brother of Krishan Chander had also joined him to compile and edit several special issues of Shair.
Presently there exist two collections of his poems – 1) Khawabon ke masiha and 2) Karb e khvud kalami, both published in 1966.
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