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Ali Arman
--: Biography of Ali Arman :--


Ali Arman (born August 25, 1973) is an Urdu poet hailing from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He started poetry atthe age of 14, and joined major literary forums of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in 1990, where he attracted the attention of prominent poets, writers and critics with his unique style. He writes in Urdu, Punjabi and his mother language Pothohari. Arman has created poetry in the forms of ghazal (lyric), nazm (poem), nasri nazm (prose poetry) and taweel nazm (long poem). His first book of poetry was published in March, 1998. Currently residing in the UK, he is an editor of "The Mosaic Journal", a bilingual magazine containing both Urdu and English literature. Arman's poetry has been translated into English, French, Spanish and German. He is regarded as an emerging poet by many renowned critics of Urdu poetry. Arman strongly believes in freedom, democracy and human rights and regularly advocated against the military regimes in Pakistan through his poems and articles. Arman's new book of Punjabi/Pothohari poetry titled "Mitti Di Bukkal" have been published recently. This book has been hailed as a major book of Punjabi/Pothohari poetry by readers and critics alike. The book is published in Lahore by "Sanjh Publications".


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