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Allama Amjad Jauhari
--: Biography of Allama Amjad Jauhari :--


Allama Amjad Jauhari


Allama Amjad Jauhari  is an Islamic scholar, religious leader and public speaker from the Shia sect of Islam.

Allama Amjad Jauhari did initial schooling in Karachi Pakistan and later went to Iran for getting Religious Education.

Allama Amjad Jauhari with Ayatollah-al-ozma Sadeq Shirazi at Madrasah-e-Ilmia Imam Raza a.s, Madrasah Ayatollah Mohammad Hussaini Shirazi, Mashhad Iran.

He got his basic education from Fountain Head Grammar School Karachi. After that in 1995 he went to Mashhad Iran and joined Hawza ilmia Mashhad, Madrasah Ayatollah-al-ozma Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei where he got education from extinguished and eminent Teachers, notably Ayatollah Hujjat Hashmi Khorasani, Ayatollah Bakhtiyari, Hujjat ul Islam wal Muslimeen Sheikh Ghulam Raza Muhibbii and Ayatollah Syed Ali Jauhari from whome he learned Fiqh o Usul, Falsafa o Mantiq and Arabic. He graduated from that Hawza ilmia in 2000.

In 2000 he joined Hawza ilmia Mashhad, Madrasah Ilmia Imam Raza, Madrasah -e- Ayatollah-al-ozma Mohammad Hussaini Shirazi. There he studies for 5 years under the supervision of Ayatollah-al-ozma Sadeq Shirazi. He graduated from that Hawza ilmia in 2005.


Allama Amjad Jauhari is awarded with Ijaza-e-Riwayah from notable Ulema. Those are as below:

Ayatollah-al-ozma Sadeq Shirazi
Ayatollah Hujjat Hashmi Khorasani
Ayatollah Bakhtiyari
Ayatollah Syed Ali Jauhari
Hujjat al-Islam wal Muslimeen Sheikh Ghulam Raza Muhibbii
Islamic Scholar and Public Speaker

He is famous for delivering speeches on Islamic themes particularly with the reference of Muhammad. He is proficient in many branches of Islamic sciences such as Tafseer, Hadith, Ilm al-Kalam, Falsafah, Mantiq, Islamic Philosophy and Islamic History. Since after returning from Iran he remains busy in spreading the message and teachings of Muhammad by addressing Majalis-e-Aza all over in Pakistan and in abroad.

Many Television Channels telecast his Majalis live from different Imambargahs in Lahore during the month of Muharram. During Muharram he addresses Majalis-e-Aza in "Azakhana Qasr-e-Batool" Sanda Road Karishan Nagar lhr, Imambargah "Bab-ul-Ilm Nishat Colony lhr" and many other Imambargahs in Lahore and in other parts of the Country.


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