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Amjad Hyderabadi
--: Biography of Amjad Hyderabadi :--


Amjad Hyderabadi , Syed Amjad Hussain, in Urdu poetic circle he is also known as Hakim-al-Shuara.
Amjad Hyderabadi was a Philosophical Urdu and Persian Ruba'i poet from Hyderabad, India.During the rule of Nizam's in Hyderabad (now in India) there was a Flood disaster (28/September/1908) in River Musi and Amjad Hyderabadi was one of the 150 people who saved their lives by hanging on to the branches of the one single Tamarind tree.Amjad Hyderabadi later wrote a poem "Qayamat-e-Soghra" (The minor doomsday) detailing his personal tragedy. As a grim reminder of the tragedy, Prof Satyanarayana Danish recited the Urdu poem at the gathering of 100th Year ofMusi River Flod Disaster Greeving. According to State Archives records Amjad Hyderabadi is a pioneer in Urdu Ruba'i poetry just like Omar Khayyam of persian language poet.,
Famous Urdu Qawal Warsi Brothers had regularly recited his Poems in there Qawali thru out the Globe.
 Amjad Hyderabadi was born in Hyderabad Deccan into a small Family.Amjad who saw his entire family including his mother, wife and daughter getting washed away in the musi river flood of 1908 and he was the only survivor in his family. He was very depressed with his life for the long period. Therefore most of his Ruba'ireflects his depression and lost of his family.  'Some of his greverance for his family
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