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Anwar Sadeed
--: Biography of Anwar Sadeed :--


Dr. Anwar Sadeed is one of the great writers who have contributed immensely for Urdu language. His contributions for Urdu can never be ignored. He is at ease in every field of writing. Although he has not produced a novel so far, his contributions in the fields of poetry, short story, translations and journalism are stupendous.

His publications include More than 80 books, including Urdu Adab Ki Tehreekein;
Dilli Door Nahin; Mohtaram Chehray; Iqbal Kay Classikee Naqoosh; and Urdu Haj Namay Ki Rivayat.

He has written numerous newspaper articles and edited the monthly Urdu Zaban, Sargodha (1948-66), Auraq(1988-92), Qaumi Digest (1990-95). Deputy editor of daily Khabrain, Lahore in 1995. At
present on the editorial staff of daily Nawa-i-Waqt.

Although his age has decreased his ability to work, yet at the age of 82, he continues to write and stay within the literature field.




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