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Asha Prabhat
--: Biography of Asha Prabhat :--

Asha Prabhat

ASHA PRABHAT, the name of an indomitable will - which Purattwveta becoming - became Kvyitri and story teller. Today it is not dependent of any introduction. Their books are in foreign countries also received honorable place. Their names in the literary world today is taken with respect. That's why the country's renowned poet Bsir Gentleman said during Mushayre All India Sitamarhi two reasons only they know - as one Janaki Sthli birth, the other morning because of Asha. Hard work and dedication is the result of unprotected today these two - two languages (Hindi and Urdu) writes books. Their new books are eagerly expecting the thousands of readers. Literature with creation - with this increase in social activities - climbing take part. Home - time to take out household's busy attending is not an easy task. Despite this time for daily writing books and finds complications. It was just after marriage in Sitamarhi. Although his childhood in East Champaran district, one small - one affluent market town in the past Narkatia. Inspired by his father in his mind the seeds of literature has flourished. Through questions, they tell a lot to her father and determined to do Kuredti. Buy books every month, dozens of their father in seventh grade and hope secretly - secretly put all were read. Asha the school during the Ravindra literature, Premcndra, Prasad Amritalal Civil, unknowable, from most major authors of the study done Tion Kri. Subhadra Kumari Chauhan in Poetry, Makn Lal Chaturvedi, sun, picturesque and even more to suit Nepali poems were expected. Their father often see in books involved were stunned, but interested to see Asha it would be silent. Expected in the spring countless tenth collection of poems and has Gajlon. The Asha that one day the father did not know little hope poems themselves, Gajlen, write stories and novels. Asha is a result of a passion and conviction that his writings translated into all languages recognized by the Government of India was organized. Not just in foreign countries for their works and writings are read by people fervor. Wrote the novelAsha haze of trees planted in Karachi (Pakistan) in 1995 published the standard serial Mnshur magazine and he was very appreciated. They published in 1996 Urdu, Njmo - Gajlon collection "of IAS '1996 Mrmug papers have been able to place. In 1999 they gave off Women by the Year Award was awarded Abiai. In 2000 by Abiai has nominated them for professional Woomens Adwaijrs Board. Published books of hope 'Drrache' poetry collection (Hindi), 'how many turn' novel (Hindi - Urdu) 'How true' story collection (Hindi) and has translated a collection of stories included. There, "today's Afsane 'in Urdu is going to be published shortly. Hindi and Urdu check equal rights in both Jubanon Bihar Asha Prabhatliterature service award by the national councilPatna, Bihar Urdu Academy, Patna - Ksusi respect, for the novelhazetree planted in honor or sun respect Premcndra, Sangam literature for awards and Urdu Drichehonorfriends have got the award. Nearly two and a half decades of this popular radio and television is known as Kvyitri. Sahitya in Hindi magazine 'Contemporary Indian Literature', 'Kadmbini' 'Gangnacl', 'Hans', 'Nowadays', 'poet', 'Kitabnuma' their poems in journals including the dozens, Gajlen and stories for years have been published And are. Asha Prabhat says -reading - was fond of writing ever has now become my helplessness.



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