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Asif Noorani
--: Biography of Asif Noorani :--


Asif Noorani (b. Mumbai, 1942) is a Pakistani newspaper and television writer. He belongs to a Memon family migrated from Bombay,  India in 1950.

He obtained his Masters in English Literature in 1965 from the University of Karachi. Two years earlier he joined the country's most popular magazine, Eastern Film as Assistant Editor and rose to the position of Editor in merely one year.

A prolific writer, Asif Noorani contributes to leading Pakistani, and occasionally Indian publications, articles on art, literature and music. He reviews books and music recordings. He is particularly known for his humorous writings and travelogues. He also appears on television and radio programs. He writes in English but on TV he speaks in both English and the country's national language Urdu.

He works with the Dawn Group of Newspapers as a consultant. His latest achievement is a book that is a part of the Rolibooks, a leading Indian publisher's Cross Border Talks. The series is edited by David Page of the BBC. Fourth in the series, the book titled Tales of Two Cities has Kuldip Nayar, a well known Indian journalist, writing about the migration of his family from Sialkot to Delhi, while Asif Noorani, who was only five at the time of Partition writes in his highly readable style about his family's migration from Mumbai to Pakistan, when he was only eight.

His second book on the flamboyant Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, published by LibertyBooks, Karachi is a coffee table book. It has sold very well too.

Since 2007 he has been teaching Media Marketing at Greenwich University, Karachi, where he is part of the visiting faculty and holds the rank of Assistant Professor.


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