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Aslam Faruqui
--: Biography of Aslam Faruqui :--


Dr. Aslam Faruqui is a noted Urdu author, critic, poet, linguist, scholar and broadcaster of Pakistan. He is also known for children's writings. He remained associated as Professor and Chairman with Department of Urdu,University of Karachi for many years.
Aslam Faruqui was born on October 23, 1923 in a literary family of Lucknow, India. Most of his family members were poets and writers. After the partition of India, he and his family migrated to Karachi, Pakistan.He has been associated with teaching and learning. He has taught at Sindh Muslim College and Karachi University. He also served as registrar of Karachi University.  He is the father of young scholar Dr. Asif Farrukhi.
  Literary work
Dr. Faruqui is not only an academic but also a poet, writer and broadcaster. He was associated with Radio Pakistan for more than six years. He is among the few writers of children's literature. His important titles include:
§  Muhammad Hussain Azad - Hayat-o-Tasaneef
§  Guldasta-e-Ahbab
§  Aangann main Sitaray
§  Farid-o-Fard Fareed
§  Dabistan-e-Nizam
§  Bachon ke Sultan jee
§  Bachon ke Ranga Rung Amir Khusraw
As an editor:
§  Tazkara Gulshan Hamesha Bahar
§  Chand Bibi Sultana
§  Qateel-o-Ghalib by Asad Ali Anweri
§  Nayrang-e-Khayal by M. Hussain Azad
§  Qasas Hind by M. Hussain Azad
§  Adaeat-al-Quran by Deputy Nazeer Ahmed
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