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Aster Gayavi
--: Biography of Aster Gayavi :--

Aster Gayavi

Aster Gayavi was born in Gaya Bihar in India, He attended school in Public High School (Raniganj), and was later sent to Mirza Ghalib College Gaya, where one of his teachers was samdani professor. and remained friendly with tutor also, whose broad scholarship evidently influenced his own style, Aster was once thought to have gone on to Magadh University for English(hons) than himself said that he did not go to university, but was put to a trade immediately. He soon had enough of the trade, probably bricklaying, and spent some time in the poetry. He wrote essays critical of contemporary poets including Khalid Irfan. As a result, he was boycotted in some poetic sessions. and started one by one poetry and bloomed worldwide. His ghazals and other compositions are published by notable poets. Which got appreciation for its soulful poetry

Aster Gayavi  is an Urdu language poet from India. Popularly known for Ghazal, literary critic and Shayari. His contribution for Urdu literary criticism has incorporated a range of modern poetics. Aster's favourite poets are Rahat Indori and Munawwar Rana.

In 2013, Aster was employed by PC Solution for Desktop Support Engineer and served around One year and left due to some reason. Aster produced his first great success poetry, capitalizing on the vogue for humor that had been begun by PoemHunter with An Humorous Day's. It is not known whether this was a success on stage, but when published. And participated number of times.



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