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Atiya Syed
--: Biography of Atiya Syed :--

Atiya Syed

Atiya syed is intellectual figure of Pakistan.She is known for her prose style,command of language,and unique topics .Published a number of literary works

Atiya Syed is the ex chairperson of Department of Philosophy and Dean of Arts, Lahore College for women University, Lahore. Full professor and author of a number of books on Philosophy, Literature and Social issues. A well known figure to the literary and academic circles of Pakistan and had represented the country in several International conferences. She is also a fiction writer. A number of issues i.e. philosophical, social, political, and psychological issues have been the subject of her writings. During the course of her long academic career, she has developed certain theories of her own and these are reflected both in her fiction and articles.

Atiya Syed appeared on the literary scene of Pakistani Literature in late 80's. She immediately attracted the attention of the readers and the critics of Urdu literature, on account of her individual prose style, unusual approach to the themes chosen, her command of language and a natural talent of story telling. Before starting her career as a fiction writer she had already written and complied a number of philosophical articles and books. In 1995 her first collection of short stories Sheher-e-Haul was publishes and was declared "The favorite Fiction of the Year" by The Herald, Karachi. By show she had contributed a lot more to the field of philosophy, literary criticism, fiction, semi political and global issues as well as social issues within Pakistan. Many of her short stories have been selected by the editors of anthologies of modern Urdu Short story. Some of them have been translated into English and Persian. At present Atiys Syed has not only become a famous short story writer but also an established intellectual figure participating in seminars, conferences at home and abroad, expressing her views on wide range of topics ranging from literature to economics, fine arts, politics, education, globalization, philosophy, social and gender issues etc.



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