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Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi
--: Biography of Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi :--


Attaullah Khan Niazi Esakhelvi   is   from Isakhel, Mianwali, Punjab.  He is traditionally considered a Seraiki artist, but most of his music albums are in either Punjabi or Urdu. By 2006, Attaullah had released 403 music albums. 
Attaullah's hits include Qameez Teri Kaali, Ither Zindagi ka Janaza,Raatan, We Bol Sanwal, Ishq Main Hum Tumain Kya Batayain, Theva Mundri tha Theva, Woh Bahar Ka Zamana and Mahi Wasey Mera.
The Government of Pakistan awarded him the Pride of Performance Award in 1991.
Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi was born on August 19, 1951 in Isakhel in the Punjabi district of Mianwali.  He was named Attaullah Khan Niazi, since he was a member of the Niazi tribe.
Attaullah developed an interest in music as a child, but music was strictly forbidden in his home.  Despite the restriction on music in his home, Attaullah secretly sought to learn more about music.  His school teacher taught him Mohammed Rafi and Mukesh songs and told him never to stop singing. Attaullah tried to explain his passion for music to his parents and tried to convince them to let him sing, but they forbade him to continue singing.  Disillusioned, Attaullah left home when he was eighteen years old.  He traveled extensively within Pakistan and supported himself by working odd jobs. 
He has recorded more than 40,000 songs in seven languages.
Attaullah Khan   became famous in India after his lyrics were used in the Bollywood movie Bewafa Sanam.Sonu Nigam, Anuradha Paudwal and Udit Narayan sang his songs.
After spending many years in Lahore, Attaullah moved back to Isakhel. He built a mosque, Laraib Masjid, near Government Degree College, Isakhel.
Attaullah Khan is also a Sufi Murid and regularly visits his Murshid in Taunsa Sharif.
Attaullah Khan has performed on PTV, Geo TV, ARY, Aaj TV, and DM Digital.
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