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Azm Behzad
--: Biography of Azm Behzad :--


Azm Behzad was a brilliant poet who had developed his own style of reciting his verse at “Alami Mushairas” and was highly appreciated for his wonderful diction and metaphors. When his first poetry collection titled ‘Ta’abeer Se Pehle’ was published years back, the critics and lovers of Urdu poetry had welcomed him and critics referred to his couplets while evaluating modern Urdu poetry.

He was equally appreciated by literary critics for the couplets of his ‘Ghazals’ and ‘poems’ as well like, ‘Mean kaheen gum ho gia hun’, ‘Mujhe tum se mohabat ho gai hai’ and many others.

When he had his first collection published, he had observed that he felt himself in some place like ‘Burzakh’, where he had to wait for his recognition or rejection. He said his poetry was a part of the process of his own discovery or exploration. However, he was highly acclaimed for his unique poetry.


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