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Behzad Lucknowi
--: Biography of Behzad Lucknowi :--


Hazrat Behzad Lucknowi was born in 1895 in the city of Hindustan popularly known as Lucknow. His parents had given him the name of Sardar Hussain. Their descendants were of Rampur and the genealogical table has met with Hazrat Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghauri, a king of Hindustan. Although spiritually he was a progeny of Hazrat Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz, Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and in the end with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.). He belongs to a religious family. His father’s name was Sajjad Hussain. He was a pious man and a poet and his pen name was ‘Chiragh’. Hazrat Behzad’s mother had a hand in bringing up his son. He had started poetry in the age of 9 years. He received early education from Calcutta and after that had been sent to Aligarh for further education. He had a command on Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi, Bengali and on French Languages. He started his practical life by working in railways. He was apparently a patient of palpitation and due to this reason he could not continue his job for a long period. The condition later appeared on the account of the love for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.).

He was habitual of prayers and austerity since childhood that is why he soon left the film industry. His condition of palpitation had so much effect on him that he often used to say his verses in unconsciousness. This condition took him to the Khanqah-e-Beniyazi Barreeli Shareef, where he got spiritual satisfaction. When he was brought to Bareeli Shareef four people were controlling him because he was tearing off his clothes. He used to say Haq hoo and ALLAH hoo for the whole night. His mental disturbance was brought to the end but the habit of tearing his clothes were still there which had brought about the solution that different strips were being hanging around his neck when he was mentally disturbed he was used to give jerks to these strips. Hazrat Behzad in the attention of his spiritual guider had recovered with a great speed and he again started to participate in daily life activities.

After that he joined Radio Pakistan, Karachi. Where he recited Naat in the morning telecast and this routine was stayed about 10 years. He performed Hajj and Umrah two times in his life by the help of an invisible hand.


After migration he joined radio Pakistan, Karachi. He used to recite Naat in the morning. His style was full and hearty feelings. We have heard his passionate voice several times. He has been seen and heard in different Mushairas several times, arranged by late Dard Saeedi in TandoAdam. Till his death, Dard Saeedi used to arrange great Mushaira every year, where renowned poets of the country were invited. Jigar Muradabadi, Israrul Haq Majaz and Jagannath Azad were ones invited from India also.

Behzad Lucknowi used to sing his poetry in a very pretty style. He has God gifted melodious voice. His impressive voice used to create magical effect on the audience. The calm and quite audience insists him for continuous repetition of his famous verses of Naat and Ghazals.

Simplicity, smoothness, purity and depth is found in his poetry, having a unique style of his own. He never followed anyone, neither philosophy nor Sufism. Complications were found in his verses. Amatory and love touch is the soul of Ghazals which is found in remarkable manner. Emotion, impressive grief and hearty feelings are always persistent in his verses. That’s why it impresses the audience effectively. Although he was being living in Lucknow, there was not even a single effect of the surroundings of his poetry. Instead of complications those was in stoutness. Marvelous wording and impressive expressions were always there. His poetry had purely interior quality verses. Words of the poetry were embedded beautifully in the verses. Daily usage wordings and plenty of word aggregation was found with repetition of words was there. But the melody of the verses had made it prettiest of all. Any how, his ghazals were attractive, smooth and the element of love was always there in his verses.

There were 33 collected odes of his poetry verses, which had been published, during the lifetime of Behzad Lucknowi. He had also written songs for the film industry and devoted his life for Hamd and Naat, only, in the last few years of his life. Naat recitation had given him a particular fame.

Behzad Lucknowi had left a huge wealth of ghazals. By following his teachers and fellowmen, he had written several ghazals of the same plot. These ghazals were very fine and attractive. He had written very long and short ghazals, which were impressive, attractive and are very simple, according to their types.


The sub-continent is a wonderful place which has given a rose to a number of different talented personalities. This part has also given birth a personality who was a great sufi saint – a – venerable man and a lover of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa-Aalihi Wasallam). He was Hazrat Behzad Lucknowi, who doesn’t need any introduction.

He had a perfect command on his verses, emotions and as well as on his imagination. He was the beginner and a inhibitor of his own type. His ghazals and Naat collection had been given a huge space in Urdu literature. His verses are the best example of the love for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.). he received many awards conferred by the government. Due to his poetic efficiency the government had also fixed stipend for him.

To built his shrine the government awarded one acre plot at Sakhi Hassan in the North of Karachi. He had passed away in 1974 in the month of Ramazan. His burial prayers were offered by Maulana Ehtasham-ul-Haq Thanvi.

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