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Bilquis Zafirul Hasan
--: Biography of Bilquis Zafirul Hasan :--

Bilquis Zafirul Hasan

Bilquis Zafirul Hasan (born September 1, 1938) is an Urdu poetess based in Delhi. Her first collection of poems Geela Eendhan (Damp Firewood) was published in 1996. Her second collection Sholon ke Darmiyan (Amidst the Flames) appeared in 2004. She writes short stories as well, and her only collection Weeraney Aabaad Gharon ke (Deserts of Inhabited Homes) was published in 2008. At first glance the mainstay of Bilquis (both in poetry and prose) seems to be the sufferings of woman. While writing on this subject as mother, wife, beloved, or just a woman as opposed to man, we see her standing forlorn, unheard, neglected, abused and exploited in every role. However, the beauty of Bilquis’ narration lies in her moderate voice and subtle use of irony to drive home her point. She vociferously denies being feminist. And to a great extent she is right, since her primary concern is the suffering of human beings. She stands beside all, exploited and humiliated. Woman being the greater victim of injustice and abuse, she naturally walks to the centre of her poems. Besides woman, she is concerned with war, abuses of power, communal riots, besieged identities in a hostile environ, displaced and homeless people (see her poems on trampled Iraq, victims of Gujarat riots etc.). The following translated poems concern mainly the woman.



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