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Dilawar Figar
--: Biography of Dilawar Figar :--


Dilawar Figar, (1929-1998) was a noted humorist, poet and scholar of the Pakistan. He is known as Shehansha-e-Zarafat and Akbar-e-Sani for his satirical and rich humor writings.

Dilawar Figar was born as Dilawar Hussain on July 8, 1929 in an illuminated family of Badaun, UP India. He got his early education from his town, and later joined Agra University where he got M.A. (Urdu). He also did M.A. (English) and M.A. (Economics). He associated with academia and teachings. After partition of India, he migrated to Pakistan and settled in Karachi where he joined Haroon College and taught Urdu. He also worked for KDA and remained Assistant Director Town Planning. He died on January 25, 1998 in Karachi.

Figar started writing in 1942 at the age of fourteen. And soon got the company of noted masters, viz. Maulvi Jam Nawai Badayuni, Maulana Jami Badayuni. His literary work contains a Ghazal, humor, andtranslation.

. Haadisay (collections of Ghazals)

. Sitam Zarifiañ (collections of humor poetry) 
. Shamat-e-Aamaal (collections of humor poetry) 
. Adaab Arz (collections of humor poetry) 
. Assar-e-Nau (collections of humor) 
. Unglian Figar Apni (collections of humor poetry) 
. Matla Arz Hai (collections of humor poetry) 
. Century (collections of humor poetry) 
. Khuda Jhoot Na Bulwa'ay (collections of humor poetry) 
. Chiragh-e-Khandañ (collections of humor poetry) 
. Aaina-e-Raghib (125 rubaiyaat of Raghib Muradabadi) 
. Khushbu Ka Safar (translation of selected English and American poetry) 
. Khoob tar Kahan (translation of 'Why Not the Best' - biography of Jimmy Carter) 
. Aabshar-e-Noor (poetic explanation of Sura Fatiha) 
. Sila-e-Shaheed Kia hai (poetic biography of recipients of Nishan-e-Haider martyrs) 
. Fi Sabeel Lillah (collections of humor poetry) 
. Kaha Suna Maaf Karna (collections of humor poetry)


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