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Dr Saleem Wahid Saleem
--: Biography of Dr Saleem Wahid Saleem :--

Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem: Dr Saleem Wahid Saleem was a poet par excellence. He was born in Teheran, Iran to Khalifa Abdul Wahid Dar of Lahore  and Bibi Fakhr-us-Sadat, a qajari princess of Iran. In fact, the Khalifa family had moved to Lahore from Kashmir in the 19th century. After the age of 11, his parents shifted back to India along with their two daughters Akhtar and Shamsi. Dr. Saleem was educated in Aligarh Muslim University Tibbiya College, Aligarh and later in London, where he also worked as announcer with BBC Persian Service. In Aligarh, he stayed with his close relative Dr. Ataullah Butt, of famous Butt Kada of Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui. Dr. Butt had founded Aligarh Tibbiya College. Throughout his life, Dr Saleem continued to write both prose and poetry in Urdu, Persian and English. In the 50’s and 60’s, his ghazals were published in many prestigious Urdu periodicals including Nuqoosh, Funoon, Adab-e-Latif, Adabi Duniya and other contemporary periodicals.

The most remarkable work of Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem is ‘Khayyam-e-Nau’, which is a poetic translation of Umar Khayyam’s ruba’is. The collection has been published by Sanjh Publications, Temple Road, Lahore thanks to efforts by Prof. Dr. Farid A. Malik, son of Mrs Akhtar Nazeer and Mirza Nadeem. During his last days, doctor saheb had become financially unstable and was greatly helped by his sister Mrs Akhtar Nazeer and her husband the late Malik Nazeer Ahmad. Dr. Saleem breathed his last in 1981 in Lahore and was laid to rest there. Dr. Saleem wrote poetry in Urdu and Persian. Some of his works are in English as well.Dr. Saheb could not earn the fame and name he actually deserved. But now his works are being published and it may be hoped that he will be given pride of place among best of Urdu poets by (honest) critics.Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem’s works and picutures can also bee seen in and

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