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Dr. Syed Taj
--: Biography of Dr. Syed Taj :--


Dr.Syed Taj served as a Medical Officer in Bihar State Health Services for the next few years before he moved to Great Britain in the year 1974. His zest for education continued here, a long way from home, Syed Taj continued further medical training and degrees in medicine. An enterprising and ambitious young man, Syed Taj gained more professional experience working as a hospitalist first and then starting his own private practice. Syed Taj’s medical expertise and knowledge is truly exceptional.

Dr. Syed Taj can be introduced not just as a man of success, but also as a man of value. Syed Taj’s story has a humble beginning in Gaya, Bihar where he was born in 1946. Being raised in a home where education was emphasized on, Syed Taj and his siblings realized early on the value of strong educational foundation. He became a doctor by his 23rd birthday and began his career by teaching at a medical school in Bihar. Syed Taj taught three years in a medical school in Bihar before he went on to pursue his post graduate degree in pediatric health.

The love of his extended family and the quest for his insatiable desire to hone his craft motivated Syed Taj to move to the United States in 1983. Making Wayne County, MI his base, he began his medical career as the resident physician at the Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn. Within 3 years he moved on to become the Staff Physician, and then vice-chief of medicine in the same hospital. Syed Taj today serves as the Chief and Chairman of the Department of Medicine, Oakwood Hospital.

Syed Taj’s glorious professional career includes his affiliation to various medical organizations. He served as the Director of the SEMP, PC, CEO and President of SEMP Enterprises, LLC. He is on the Board of Directors for the United Outstanding Physicians Group and also a member of Health Alliance Plan, Appeals Committee as well as Wayne County Medical Society. Syed Taj is a life member of MCWS. He is a consummate professional and an entrepreneur owning a medical clinic in Dearborn since 1986.

As an outstanding scholar and a true professional, Syed Taj’s contributions just touch the tip of the iceberg here. Community service and goodwill toward all, is something that was instilled in him during his growing years. This family of reputable social servants passed on the torch to Syed Taj. His sibling is a well known member of the Indian Parliament, and also the first IFS officer from the State of Bihar. Syed Taj remained very active during the development of suburbs of Canton before it became a flourishing city today. Syed Taj’s spirit of volunteerism and social service continued through the years.

With the encouragement and support of Canton residents and the endorsements of numerous elected officials of Canton, Syed Taj ran for the public office of Canton Trustee in 2008. He was endorsed by State Representatives; Marc Vorriveau, John C. Stewart, Community Democrats of Canton, Wayne County Commissioner; Kevin McNamara, Candidate for State Representative and Candidate for Congress, just to name a few. His core family values and lower taxes were well received by all.

The people of Canton turned out in huge numbers to vote for him and to elect him to the seat of Canton Trustee. In 2008, Syed Taj became the first democratic candidate to win this seat. A highly respected and adored public official, Syed Taj’s dedication toward his city and its people earned him a place in people’s heart. When his term ends in 2012, Syed Taj plans to run for the office of Chief of Staff.  

Sophia Anjum Taj, Dr.Syed Taj wife has always been there for him, supporting all of Dr. Syed Taj’s professional and public endeavors. A highly educated lady in her own right, Sofia has a master’s degree in psychology. A true patron of art and culture, she is an accomplished artist and a poet. She is instrumental in organizing various cultural events during the year, including an annual Mushaira in her home that brings a lot of talents from around the country. Asad Taj, their son is a student at the University of Michigan, Dearborn.

Dr. Syed Taj - a name synonymous with dedication to the medical profession and commitment to public service. True to his name, Dr. Syed Taj is a dignified, honorable citizen of the community with many well deserved accolades under his belt. Living a life that inspires, uplifts and motivates, he has always remained true to his roots. For his proximity to his origin and service to his community both in India and United States, Dr. Syed Taj has rightly earned the title of the “Pride of Bihar”.

-Rachna Bardaiyar Kumar


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