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Dushyant Kumar
--: Biography of Dushyant Kumar :--


Dushyant Kumar   (September 27, 1931 – December 31, 1975) was a poet of modern Hindi-Urdu literature. In India, he is generally recognized as one of the foremost Hindi-Urdu poet during the twentieth century. He was also a Dramatist, Litterateur and Gazal writer.
Dushyant Kumar was born at Navada Village of Bijnor District in Uttar Pradesh. He did M.A. with Hindi from Allahabad.
His literary career started at Allahabad. He wrote many dramas, poems, Gazals, short stories. He actively participated in Seminars at Parimal Academy of Literature. He also worked with Naye Patte, an important Indian Newsletter of that time, Akashwani and Rajbhasha Section in Madhya Pradesh. His poetry touches directly to heart. Many new poets are inspired of him like dr. Kumar vishwas, Pushpendra Naagar.
Dushyant Kumar died at the age of 42 on December 31, 1975, but in this short lifespan, he acquired a great accomplishment in the field of Hindi and Urdu Literature. Only because of him, Ghazal gained popularity. Now also his Shers and Ghazals are conned in Literary & Political Programmes.
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