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Farida Lakhany Farah
--: Biography of Farida Lakhany Farah :--

Farida Lakhany Farah


*Name: Farida Lakhany

*Takhallus: Farah

*Education : B.A.(Hons) M.A.International Relations (Karachi University

*Languages :Persian.Gujrati.Hindi.Bengali.English &All Pakistani Regional languages she can speak(some of them only functional)

(Background from Gujrati Speaking Family.)Has been advisor for Memon Aalmi Milan Mela(MAM’86)when world memons came down to Karachi Gymkhana Mela.

*Journalist:Dawn.Daily News.Morning News.Millat Gujrati.Mag(has worked in past,still contributing for Daily News)Current Affair writer for Pakistan Horizon(From Pak.Institute of Int.Affairs Karachi.)

In & From Australia:contributes for Indian Link.Canadian urdu papers Carvan.N.York’s urdu weekly paper Awaz(in past).Pakistan Tribune International(English) from Australia.Urdu paper Goonj of Australia.

Contribute for Urdu Pakeeza from Pakistan.

*Has been urdu  segment programme contributor for SBS on Old & New Poets of Sub-Continent(quarterly).

*Had been Secretary For anjuman Taraqqi-e-urdu Australia for 8 yrs.

*Contributes Articles for India:Shair(monthly).Sabaq-e-urdu(monthly).Gulkadah urdu (monthly).Tehreer-e-Nau urdu(monthly). & BBC’s online paper urdu called aalmiakhbar daily online.Sukhanwar.Now Advisor :”RABITAH” quarterly urdu magazine from Australia.

*Working As: Medical secretary for her husband Dr.Zakaria Lakhany (Surgeon-Gastroentrologist)   &  Official Translator/Interpreter For Gujrati Language here for Australian Courts.

*Editor : (In past for 8 years)for an urdu magazine called “Farogh-e-Urdu”,from Australia.& has been working hard for urdu literary work since 20 years in Australia.

*Urdu Poetess: Has written a Shairi Mujmoa called “Paimana-e-Hasti”.

*Attended International Mushairas:Chicago(which was in her honour)Pakistan’s International Mushaira in 3 different Places & Cities.Dubai Mushaira.Spain-Barcelona’s Mushaira & All local Australian Mushairas are attended by her.

*Member:Urdu Society Of Australia.


  a) International Library Of Poetry Award From Queensland,Australia.

  b)Editor’s Choice Award For Translation Of National Anthem Of Australia into Urdu in Poetic Way in 1998.

  c) Writer’s big Award.




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