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Farman Fatehpuri
--: Biography of Farman Fatehpuri :--


Prof. Dr. Farman Fatehpuri  is the eminent Urdu linguist,researcher, writer, critic and scholar of Pakistan. He is widely regarded as the supreme living authority on life and work of Ghalib - the greatest ever Urdu poet. He has the credit of penning more than 300 scholarly articles, 600 book reviews, and 400 editorials to Nigar.
Farman Fatehpuri was born as Syed Dildar Ali on January 26, 1926 in the Fatehpur,Uttar Pradesh, India. His father died in 1933 while he was still a child. He attained his matriculation from Fatehpur,and his intermediate education from Allahabad in 1948 and graduated from Agra University in 1950. Farman migrated to Pakistan in 1950 and settled inKarachi. He attained degrees in M.A., LLB, and B.T. from Karachi University.In 1965 he obtained a Ph.D. He holds the honour of being first Pakistani with a D.Litt in Urdu in 1974. He remained associated with Karachi University for nearly 30 years and produced many Ph.D.'s and researchers. He was later appointed chief editor and secretary of the Urdu Dictionary Board in 1985. In the same year, he was awarded the Sitar-e-Imtiaz medal by the government of Pakistan.
From 1996, he has been serving as member of the Civil Services Board of the Sindh Government. He became the editor of the monthly publication, Nigar - the oldest Urdu literary journal, founded by Farman's mentor, Allama Niaz Fatehpuri, which still publishes from Karachi
Farman Fatehpuri is a man of letter, a researcher par excellence and a prolific speaker. His work and ideas have had a strong influence on researchers investigating the poetry and prose of Ghalib and Urdu linguistics. He is the author of more than 60 titles on the Urdu poetry of Ghalib and Iqbal; including linguistics, critique, and biography. His prominent writings, excluding hundreds of literary articles.
§  Urdu Rubai
§  Tadrees-e-Urdu
§  Urdu ki Manzoom Dastaan
§  Tehqeeq-o-Tanqeed
§  Naya aur Purana Adab
§  Nawab Mirza Shauq ki Masnavian
§  Qamar Zamani Begum
§  Zaban aur Urdu Zaban
§  Urdu Imla aur Rasmulkhat
§  Urdu ki Naatia Shaeeri
§  Taweel-o-Tadbeer
§  Iqbal sab kay leay
§  Fun-e-Taarikh goi
§  Urdu Shura kay Tazkaray aur Tazkara Nigari
§  Mir Anees - Hayat aur Shaeeri
§  Irghaman-e-Gokal Parshad
§  Ghalib - Shaer-e-Imroz-o-Farda
§  Darya-e-Ishq aur Behr-ul-Mohabbat ka Taqabuli Mutaalea
§  Urdu Afsana aur Afsana Nigari
§  Hindi-Urdu Tanazea
§  Niaz Fatehpuri - Deeda Shuneeda
§  Aurat aur Funoon Latifa
§  Ghazaleyat-e-Ghalib - Sharah-o-Matan
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