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Fatima Zehra Jabeen
--: Biography of Fatima Zehra Jabeen :--

 Fatima Zehra Jabeen 


A note from a writer's desk…….

Ever since I remember, I don’t know what to remember, being habituated to alteration forces me to forget everything, every time and start fresh, turn to a new leaf. Build from scratch bottom taking it to unknown heights and like an eagle soar and fly over what I’ve earned. I grew up in an Asian family where my elders skilled me about value, ethnicity and the tradition I come from. Along with having Masters in Journalism, I have had various different changes in careers as I am accustomed to changes and don’t have the mentality that changes are meant to be hard and unacceptable. I am a well known author chiefly in the world of short stories. Also a well acclaimed journalist in genre of politics and literature specializing in conducting interviews of well known media and current issues personalities. My life lies between my passion; literature and my source of living; profession. 
I used to beg and plead to be able to narrate a bedtime story to my mom. In reality I was confused if my calling was to be a story teller or story writer. As an amateur I started to realize my observatory and imaginative skills. At the young age of eight or nine who knew what started as a daily journal would one day lead me to writing stories and essays on the most controversial topics of my time? My journal started showing me things that I didn’t know existed, more than keeping my secrets and being my best friend, my journal earned the respect of being my teacher. I was slowly taken away from the criteria of a young writer, to a well accepted, rapidly growing journalist. It was through my journal entries that I learned to excel at the biggest game known in history, ‘Playing with words’. It made me acknowledge that via my reputation what I wrote is what people believed. It’s like you have the power to ruin or make someone’s life. 
Growing up in a rural place, where income centered mainly on survival, writing didn't seem to be a practical career choice on a long term basis. And as I mentioned before it’s a passion not a profession. Besides the first love of my life writing I have also hosted literary programs along with writing Radio and T.V drama scripts. I the person who is Soulful and soul searching gave out a fanatical invitation to my reader to be part of the mass that cares about the environment, harmony and family. Welcome and be prepared to have a tantalizing peek into Fatima’s world.

Works at Edward Jones.Studied MA Journalism at University of Karachi, PakistanLives in Mississauga, OntarioFrom Karachi, Pakistan


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