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Ghulam Muhammad Qasir
--: Biography of Ghulam Muhammad Qasir :--


Ghulam Muhammad Qasir was born in Paharpur, Dera Ismail Khan, North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), Pakistan, on September 4, 1944. He is considered to be one of the finest modern poets from Pakistan. He has been awarded with the Presidential Pride of performance award (posthumous), by the Government of Pakistan in 2006-07, for his valuable contributions in the field of Urdu literature. He died on February 20, 1999 and is buried in Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan. 
After doing Matric from Government High School Paharpur, he was appointed as a teacher in the same school. Mr. Qasir taught in many different schools adjacent to Dera Ismail Khan. While working as a teacher Mr. Qasir kept on improving his education. After doing his M.A. he was first appointed as a lecturer at Government College Mardan. He also worked at Science Superior College Peshawar, Government College Dara Adam Khel, Government College Peshawar, Government College Toru and Government College Pabbi.

Literary contributions

. Ik sher abhi tak rehta hai (Kuliyat-e-Qasir) (complete poetry) 2009 
. Darya-e-Gumaan (an anthology of poetry) 1997 
. Aathwaan aasman bhi neela hai (an anthology of poetry) 1988 
. Tasalsul (an anthology of poetry) 1977 
. Samaaj Kahaniyaan (dramas) being printed 
. Ghazal Baaf (prose) being printed 
. Mr. Qasir wrote many essays which were printed by leading literary journals and, besides, he wrote prefaces for some of the poetry anthologies,


. Mr. Qasir remained on the list of contributors to the Textbook Board of NWFP for classes 7th, 11th & 12th in the subject of Urdu. 
. Since 1968 Mr. Qasir has been a regular contributor to all the leading literary national journals in the field of poetry, essays and literary criticism.


. Pride of Performance award for Poetry by the Government of Pakistan 2006-07 
. Parveen Shakir "Aks-e-Khushboo" award for best poetry (Daryaa-e-Gumaan) Parveen Shakir Trust, Islamabad 1998 
. Golden Jubilee award-Peshawar University Teachers Association 1996-97 
. Pakistan-Iran Friendship award, Khana-e-Farhang-e-Iran, Lahore 1996 
. Mehfil-e-Sabza-o-Gul award, Pakistan Writers Guild 1996 
. 15th Anniversary of Great Islamic Revolution award- Khana-e-Farhang-e-Iran, Peshawar 1994 
. Waseeqa-e-Aitraaf, Shaam-e-Hamdard, Hamdard Foundation Peshawar 1994 
. Best Lyricist award, PTV Peshawar 1993 
. Bolan award for best dramatist / poetry, Bolan academy 1993 
. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar award (Gold Medal) for best poetry (Aathwaan aasmaan bhi neela hai) Abaseen Arts Council Peshawar 1988-89 
. Presidential National award (Seerat Conference) 1987


. Ghulam Muhammad Qasir Academy founded in Nawan Kali Toru (Mardan)by one of his student, Mr. Peerzada, 
. Ghulam Muhammad Qasir Memorial Society founded in New York, 
. Ghulam Muhammad Qasir Literary Forum founded in D.I.Khan, which also brings out a literary journal. 
. A Forum founded by the name of "Tasalsul" which brings out a literary journal. 
. Mr. Qasir was founder and the first chairman of a literary society " Takhleeq,International" from Peshawar. 
. Mr. Qasir remained member of Pakistan Writers' guild and Abaseen Arts Council, Peshawar. 
. All writings of Mr. Qasir enjoyed huge popularity especially among young people and have been selling like hot cakes. 
. Thousands of Mr. Qasir's students have greatly appreciated him and are working on several high posts throughout the country 
. A lecturer, Mr.Sohail Ahmed is writing his research paper for M.Phil on the works of Mr. Qasir from Urdu Department, University of Peshawar. 
. Since 1970 until his death (1999) he has regularly participated in all important national & religious functions and occasions on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan

Television PTV Peshawar

. Many of his lyrics were composed and sung by famous singers. 
. Mr. Qasir has written more than 70 dramas and programmes for PTV, among which the most popular serials were Talash and Bhoot Bangla (Haunted Bungalow). 
. Mr. Qasir has participated in many International Literary Symposis, Conferences, Mushairas in the United States, where he was highly appreciated and was invited several times to UK, India, Dubai and Iran. 
. Mr.Qasir participated in many literary conferences held under the auspices of "Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zoq, New York.


. Through this website short introduction, photographs, selective poetry and details of awards can be found.


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