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Harichand Akhtar
--: Biography of Harichand Akhtar :--


Pandit Harichand Akhtar (1901-1958), was a well-known journalist who was also a renowned Urdu Ghazalwriter. He was born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, on 15-04-1901. He was fluent in the use of Urdu, Persian and English languages having passed the Munshi Fazil Examination soon after Matriculation and then having obtained M.A. (English) degree from the Punjab University. He spent a greater part of his life in Lahore writing for Paras, Lahore, the Newspaper that was then owned and edited by Lala Karam Chand;  he was also employed in the office of the Punjab Legislative Assembly. After the formation of Pakistan he shifted to Delhi where he died on 1-01-1958.
Pandit Harichand Akhtar mainly wrote ghazals which ghazals written in the conventional form were unique for their simplicity. His collection of ghazals titled Kufr o Imaan was published during his life time.
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