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--: Biography of IBN E INSHA :--


Ibn-e-Insha (b. 15 June, 1927 d. 11 January, 1978) was an eminent Pakistani Leftist Urdu poet, and Columnist. Along with his poetry, he was regarded one of the best humorists of Urdu. His poetry has a distinctive diction laced with language reminiscent of Amir Khusro in its use of words and construction that is usually heard in the more earthy dialects of the Hindi-Urdu complex of languages, and his forms and poetic style is an influence on generations of young poets.

He was born as Sher Muhammad Khan in Phillaur tehsil of Jalandhar District, Punjab, India. His father hailed from Rajasthan. He did B.A. from Punjab University in 1946 and M.A. from University of Karachi in 1953.

He was associated with various governmental services including Radio Pakistan, Ministry of Culture and National Book Centre of Pakistan. He also served UN for some time and this enabled him to visit a lot of places and was the reason of his subsequent travelogues. Some of the places that he visited includes Japan, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Afganistan, Iran, Turkey, France, UK and US. Insha got the mentors like, Habibullah Ghazanfer Amrohvi, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Dr. Abdul Qayyum. Insha spent much of his time in Karachi. He died of Hodgkin's Lymphoma on January 11, 1978 in London and was buried in Karachi.

Major works

1. Is Basti Key Ik Koochey Main-Poetry- First edition was published in Aug 1976 and till 2003, 22 more editions have been published 
2. Chand Nagar-Poetry 
3. Dil-e-Wehshi- Poetry 
4. Awara Gard Ki Diary-Travelogue 
5. Dunya Gol Hey-Travelogue 
6. Ibn-e-Batoota Kay Taqub Main-Travelogue 
7. Chaltay Ho To Cheen Ko Chaliye-Travelogue 
8. Nagri Nagri Phira Musafar-Travelogue 
9. Khumar e Gandum-Humor 
10. Urdu Ki Aakhri Kitaab-Humor- First edition was published in Jul 1971 and till 2003, 33 more editions have been published 
12. Khat Insha Jee Kay-Collection of letters 


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