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Idris Azad
--: Biography of Idris Azad :--

Idris Azad

Idris Azad was born on August 7, 1969 in Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan. He is Urdu writer, author of books including novels and research papers. He's also Urdu Poet writing poetry since he was a child. His mother tongue is Saraiki. He has got his masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Idrees Azad is also known as Philosopher because of his reach work in different fields of Philosophy. His Poetry is also Philosophical and thoughtful. He has written 18 books on different topics and delivered hundreds of the lectures in different seminars.

Idrees Azad is progressive writer, liberal and non controversial, although his topics of interests are mostly controversial but he justifies all aspects of those topics and remains uncontroversial at all. He has influenced the era by his contemporary, logical and scientific style of argumentation.


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