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Iftikhar Imam Siddiqi
--: Biography of Iftikhar Imam Siddiqi :--


Iftikhar Imam Siddiqi is a great warrior of Urdu. As editor of "Shair" monthly magazine, he has put in invaluable services to the language which is beleaguered in India. A worthy successor to his grandfather Allama Seemab Akbarabadi's poetic heritage, Iftikhar Imam is himself a poet par excellence. Like his father late Ijaz Siddiqi, he is also good at editing and writing. He is bed-ridden since 2001 after a train accident. He was returning to Bombay from a Mushaira. During the journey, he wanted to contact her mother on mobile phone to know her well-being. As the network was missing in the train compartment, he alighted on the platform when the train stopped at a small station and started trying to make mobile contact. In the meantime, the train started moving. He rushed to catch the train but fell beneath it. The train passed over him injuring his head severely. Though he survived but his body was paralysed. Iftikhar Imam received yet another setback when his mother Mohtarima Naseem Banu (Manzoor Fatima) died in May, 2010.


vo na hogaa to kyaa kamee hogee 
bas adhuree si zindagee hogee 
Gham hi chaandee hai, gham hee sonaa hai 
Gham na hogaa to kyaa khushee hogee 
usko sochoon usee ko chaahoon main 
mujhse aisee na bandagee hogee 
baat honton pe jam gayee uske 
chup ye toote to ankahee hogee 
Doob jaayegee shor men duniyaa 
lafz honge na khamushee hogee


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