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Kalim Akhtar
--: Biography of Kalim Akhtar :--

 Kalim Akhtar 



            Certificate name Md. Kalim Akhtar S/o Abdul Hameed, pen name Kalim Akhtar, an urdu poet and writer, born on 3rd October, 1968 at Laheria Tola, Gaya (India), but at present, he is living at Phulwari Sharif, Patna. He is an M.A. in urdu and Ph.D holder and a teacher, is known for his innovative style of poetry, in the genre of Ghazal. The diction of couplet of his ghazal is multi-dimensional and individual and it is entirely different from traditional urdu poetry. He has strength in his thought, depth & multi-layer meaning in writing, philosophy in imagination. He is one of the greatest urdu poets of his own age but he is the greatest poet of the new styled constructive-poetry.

            Dr. Kalim Akhtar in his couplets he prepares simple and difficult descriptive images and pictures which are the rich expressions of his self meditation. His world of couplets are wide enough. On every subject he has composed ghazals & couplets and they are very expressive and too effective. It appears essential to add that without any additional learnedness he has proved himself in expressing his selfness in very easy & simple way. His collection of ghazals, was published in 2007 titled Khayal Aab’. He is awarded by Bihar Urdu Academy’ and ‘Bhartiya Sahityakar Sansad’ for ‘Khayal Aab’.

            He is famous in innovative style of poetry and as the new constructive poet (Nai Tashkeelaat ke Shair). Prof. Wahab Ashrafi and Prof. Alimullah Hali have recognized him for the new styled constructive-poetry.

         (Jagdish Prasad)

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