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Kanwal Firoze
--: Biography of Kanwal Firoze :--

 Kanwal Firoze 


Kanwal Feroze is a writer, poet, columnist, scholar, political , social analyst and media commentator

Awarded Presidential Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (President's Medal of Excellence) in literature 2009.
Ph.D. - Community Journalism
Illinois , USA.

Author of four POETRY books:

1.“Shafaq-e-Subh-e-Ghazal” - 2009
2. “Shaakh-e-Shab-e-Wisaal” - 1992
3. “Shaam-e-Firat-e-Dil” - 2002
4. “Shahar-e- Saleeb-o-Gul” - 1967

1.“Davinci Code Deception” by Erwin W. Lutzer, Translation (English to Urdu) - 2007
2. “Happy Home Life” (Translation) - 1968
3. “Bible Concordance” (Translation) - 1968
4.“Asnaf-e-Adab-e-Urdu” (Writers Guide Book) - 1968
5.“Jamal-e-Fikar” (Collection of the Poetry of Christian Poets) - 1969
6.“Bible Atlas” (Translation) - 1970

1. Publisher & Chief Editor of monthly “Shadaab” (Socio-Political & Literary magazine publishing continuously since1969). A leading magazine promoting progressive thoughts & ideas among the minorities & other countrymen.

2. Publisher & Editor Bi-Monthly “Balai Manzil” (The Upper Room, Nashville, USA), International daily devotional guide since 1963

3. Editor weekly “Khudi”, Sargodha. 1954-1956

4. Editor weekly “Piyaam-e-Quaid”, Sargodha. 1956-1958

5. Editor weekly “Paaris”, Lahore. 1958-1960

6. Publisher & Chief Editor of weekly “Mustaqbil” Lahore started in 1970 - banned in 1979 by the Zia Government. Irshad Rao, Wahab Siddiqui, Hamraz Ahsan & Zubari Rana remained the Editors of “Mustaqbil” during its publication.

7. Literature Secretary: Board of Mass Communication, National Council of Churches in Pakistan. 1963-1973.

1.Chairman, Anjuman Roshan Khayal Musanafeen, Lahore.
2. President, Pakistan Christian Journalist’s Association Lahore
3. Member, Halqa Arbab-e-Zaouk, Lahore.
4. Executive Member, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Lahore.
5. Executive member of Muslim Christian Dialogue Forum, Lahore
6. Member, Pakistan Writer’s Guide, Lahore since 1964.
7. Member, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad since 1975.
10. Life Member of World Punjabi Congress Pakistan, Lahore
11. Member of Alhamrah Adbi Baithak.
12. Pioneer & Executive member of United Religious Initiatives, Lahore.
13. Member, Committee for Justice & Peace, Lahore.
14. Approved poet for Radio Pakistan since 1964.
15. Executive Member, Committee for National Affairs, National Council of Churches in Pakistan, Lahore
16.Executive Member, Board of Mass Communication, National Council of Churches in Pakistan, Lahore.
17. Ex-Member, Federal Cultural Advisory Council for Minorities, Government of Pakistan, 1990-1992.
18. Ex-Member District Minority Committee, Government of Pakistan.
19. Founder & Fist General Secretary of the District Journalist Association, Sargodha, 1954-1958.
20. General Secretary “Majlis-e-Irtaqa-e-Ada” Lahore, 1958-1960 (Banned by Malik Amir Mohd Khan, Governor Punjab for its progressive approach).
21. Literature Secretary, National Council of Churches of Pakistan, Lahore, 1963-1972.
22. Chairman of the Inaugural Ceremony of the Church Union of Pakistan, Church of Pakistan 1970.
23. Board Member, Punjab Religious Book Society, Lahore.
24. Ex Member, Federal Cultural Advisory council for Minorities, Government of Pakistan.
25. President, Jehanzeb Welfare Society, Journalist Colony, Jehanzeb Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore 1996.
26. Member board of Punjab Religious Book Society Anarkali, Lahore 1985-1999
27. Board Member Christian Mutual Insurance Committee Limited Lahore 1964-1972

(The list of awards includes notables only )

1. Awarded “Tamgha-i-Imtiaz”, in Literature by the Government of Pakistan on occasion of 14th August, 2009.
2. Nominated for Pride of Performance 1996.
3. National Minority Awarded twice, in recognition of the services rendered in the field, of Journalism by the Coordination Council of Christian Societies, Baluchistan, presented by the Governor of Baluchistan.
4. Democratic Award for Literary Services by the Democratic Association of Journalist of Pakistan, 1993-1994, Presented by Dr. Sher Afgan Khan Niazi, Federal Minister for Social welfare & Special Education, Islamabad.
5. Barkat Ullah Award, by the Christian Writers Guild in Literature, 1994.
6. Tak Kashmiri award of Rs.10,000/- given by Lahore Diocesan Board of Education Lahore Diocese, Church of Pakistan.
7. Gold Medal, Media International Foundation of Pakistan.

1.International Sufi and Peace conference, Islamabad by Pakistan Academy of Letters 2010.
2.All Pakistan Writer’s Conference, Islamabad 2008.
3. International Writer’s & Intellectual’s conference by the Academy of Letters, Islamabad 1995.
4. All Pakistan Writers & Intellectual’s conference October 1994, Islamabad, by Academy of Letters Presided by President of Pakistan Farooq Ahmad Laghari.

1. International Conference of Writers & Journalists in 1975, Hong Kong.
2. Advance Leadership Course Haggai Institute, Maui, (H
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