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Kausar Siddiqui
--: Biography of Kausar Siddiqui :--

Kausar SiddiquiBorn: November 19, Allahabad (UP). Education: BA, LLB. Retired as general manager, Civil Supplies Corporation. His biggest service to Urdu is that he is editing and publishing quarterly Karwan-e-Adab since 2001. Books: Phool Ek Hi Chaman ke, Taj-ul-Masaajid Ki Kahani, Faseel-e-Shab, Saaz-e-Jaras, Nala-e-Jaras, Jeb Mein Pathhar, Mauj-e-Subu, Aag, E’triraf, Raushan Ayat, Haryali, Urdu Pujari, Dhaai Aakhar, Mauj-e-Gul. He has visited London and Pakistan in connection with literary activities. A student has been awarded PhD by Barkatullah University, Bhopal for research on hi. Address. Zeb Villa, 79-A, Ginnauri, Bhopal. Phone. O755-2542731.

Muslim Saleem Say: Kausar Siddiqui is one of towering figures of Urdu literature of Bhopal. When I was managing editor of daily Aftab-e-Jadid in 1982, I used to meet him regularly. At that I time I lived at 31, Shastri Nagar, Bhopal and he was staying at a government quarter in North TT Nagar. That was the time when Noori Nastaliq had not arrived on the scene.

Since I had worked as a professional Khattat, I had worked out some sort of tying font of Urdu. But, when I discussed the matter with Mr Siddiqui, I found him one step ahead of me. The matter came to a close since the early version of Noori Nastaliq had hit the market soon. But the depth of Mr Kausar Siddiqui’s all-round knowledge was etched in my  mind. After 1983, I left Urdu journalism and gradually drifted away from active field of Urdu literature as well though I kept writing ghazals and getting them published in magazines. Times changed and faces and personalities too. In the year 2000, I faced problems with the Persian kalam of my father the late Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem. Some words were missing from the manuscript or were illegible. I discussed the matter with Mr Idris Moonis of Fas Computronics. He said that he knew of a person, who is adapt at Persian and can do it. I went to the person living in Ginnori and got the manuscript corrected without recollecting that he is none other than the same Mr Kausar Siddiqui whom I knew since both his whereabouts and appearance had changed quite a lot. Recently, when I launched the website and started a directory of Urdu Poets and Writers of Madhya Pradesh, I went to Mr Kausar Siddqui and met him after a gap of over 25 years. When he mentioned that he is the brother of Qaisar-ul-Jaffri and father to Romi Jaffry, all the old memories were rekindled in my mind. He is indeed a great person and workaholic litterateur with untiring flair of writing both prose and poetry. Still, he is very down-to-earth and does not brag about his achievements. A number of pictures have been contributed by him. I thank and salute Mr Kausar Siddqui.

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